Drug Offenses

The drug laws in this country are changing right before our eyes, and hopefully they will become more realistic, and lenient, but for now, one can go to jail for a long time. The sentencing schemes in the State and Federal Courts are very different. The State guidelines are usually comprehensible, that is not so with the Feds.

I have represented hundreds of people in drug matters. No case is the same, especially to the client.  I have found that what clients need first and foremost, is information that can be understood by the client. If it needs to be in another language, or the intercession of a therapeutic professional, that can be done.   Even a plea agreement is a complex instrument that must be explained until it is understood. I believe that a good attorney makes the entire system comprehensible to the client.

An injury requires an attorney who is knowledgeable and skilled in personal injury law in order to get you the compensation you deserve. My office has experience in the area of work injuries, automobile and other accidents. We handle these types of cases on a contingency basis. We are paid when a judgment is granted in your favor. I will work to build a strong case to obtain justice and compensation for your loss and suffering due to an accident.

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